Accompaniment in Artistic Research

Accompaniment in Artistic Research
July 18, 2023 zweiarts

Accompaniment in Artistic Research with Élcio Miazaki

The proposed activity will take place over a period of four months, in different instances for each artist, continuously and in groups, whose objective will be:

  1. Observation of the elements that make up the portfolio of the artist, raising which can be considered virtues and other ‘problems’, in order to verify how each analyzed material actually meets the objectives/anxieties of the artist;
  2. Conceptualization on a case-by-case basis. Surveys of how much the portfolio can communicate, justify decisions and reinforce the artist’s approach. Finally, following – or not – standards understood as the minimum necessary and identifying which are the determining factors (which limit or aggregate);
  3. Survey of visual and textual references, case by case;
  4. Discussions regarding public notices, selection processes, and other art systems;
  5. Development of authorial and collective projects within contemporary contexts;
  6. Production and creation of arts based on research and specific data;
  7. Practice in terms of exhibitions, from conception to post-production;
  8. Development of an exhibition with the projects developed during the follow-up.

About the advisor

Élcio Miazaki, an artist born in 1974 in São Paulo, graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of São Paulo (FAUUSP). His production uses objects mainly from the 1960s to 1980s (among them, coinciding with his childhood and adolescence), meaning research on the dictatorial period in Brazil. It also addresses the Armed Forces in matters involving the male archetype in their performance projects (TONSORES – 2022; C.Q.D. – 2018) and installations (BOMBA 1968/ NASC.1986 – 2022; APAGAMENTO – male noun – 2022; Impulsos Imitativos – 2017/ 2019; Space reserved for possible returns – 2016). He exhibited in public institutions, including university ones: ECEU – Cultural and University Extension Space – USP Ribeirão Preto, DaP (Plastic Arts Division – UEL – Londrina/PR), Casa das Onze Janelas Museum (Belém – PA), Canizares Gallery (UFBA – Salvador – BA), FAV UFG (Goiânia – GO), GAP (UFES – Vitória – ES), Clóvis Salgado Foundation (Belo Horizonte – MG), Getúlio Vargas Municipal Memorial (Rio de Janeiro – RJ), MARP (Ribeirão Preto – SP ), Ordovás Culture Center (Caxias do Sul – RS), among others. He lives and works in São Paulo in the development of exhibition and curatorial projects, as well as discussions and guidance with other visual artists.


Schedule: Every Tuesday of the month
Hours: from 3 pm to 5 pm.
Duration: 04 months
Location: Rua California, 706 – Brooklin – CEP: 04566-061
Investment: BRL 400.00/ month

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