O ateliê

Alê Espaço de Arte

Founded in 2012 by visual artist Alexandra Ungern, Alê Espaço de Arte (Ateliê Alê) was born as a new proposal in the contemporary art scene. Its objective is to create a laboratory, open to the public, for artistic and curatorial experimentation. In addition to being an alternative to existing institutions, this space in Brooklin, south zone, is part of the field of visual arts with the implementation of courses, lectures, conversations, exhibitions and artistic residencies.

The space has already sponsored several exhibitions with free admission and also offers artistic guidance for authorial artists, courses in digital photography, monotype, painting, mosaic and watercolor, among others.

Also active in national and international fairs such as CROSSROADS in London, PINTA LONDON, Marbella in Spain and PARTE in São Paulo.

It has an artistic residency program where the artist has the opportunity to expand his research with our partner curators.

An alternative to existing institutions, this space in Brooklin, south of São Paulo, is part of the field of visual arts with the implementation of courses, lectures, conversations and exhibitions.

Hermes Artes Visuais project follow-up group class with Nino Cais at Alê Espaço de Arte

Alê Espaço de Arte has boosted the careers of many artists, who have achieved international visibility.

“I found in the space of this atelier a true desire to test limits and meet with the new. The exhibitions and proposals presented at the space in recent years were always provocative. I remember being able to think about a certain knowledge that exists singularly in the trail of a line. An ambiguous proposal, because the word line is not associated with any form, would the act of drawing or sewing, darning, contain the commented wisdom? Why not both?! Research and exchange with artists was facilitated by the space and its members. The exhibition was so interesting that we ended up being invited to participate in the PINTA fair in London. It is interesting to see partnerships bear so much fruit, especially with our new study group.”

— Paulo Gallina

Who we are?

Alexandra Ungern

Visual Artist and Cultural Manager

I have a special affection for artists and curators who seek a space for experimentation and presentation of their work. It is very rewarding and a privilege to live with these pulsating works, full of energy involving the entire space, reaching those who visit them.

Isabel Villalba

Artistic Director and Curator

I understand curatorship as a collaborative relationship between the artist and his work, the curator and the public to build an art exhibition.

Since its inception, Alê Espaço de Arte has sought to open new paths to inspire talent and awaken people

“We thank everyone who, in one way or another, has helped us in this endeavor and we hope that our modest contribution will inspire more initiatives to promote culture in the city of São Paulo and especially in Santo Amaro.”

— Alexandra