Visual Poetics Study Group

Visual Poetics Study Group
July 18, 2023 zweiarts

Visual Poetics Study Group

In this group of studies the participants present their plastic research and, together with the advisor, speculate theoretical and practical paths to be developed in the creation process. Thus, fictional literature is indicated as a parallel to artistic research, while academic literature is presented and worked on with the intention of guiding and deepening discourses and themes in the elaboration of the participants’ research. In addition to accompanying plastic research, the study group also offers a guided tour of the main exhibitions in São Paulo and an annual exhibition at Alê Espaço de Arte.

Paulo Gallina is an independent curator, researcher and professor. BA in History from the University of São Paulo. He was a resident critic at studios in São Paulo Ateliê Oço, 2010; Ateliê 397, 2013 and taught courses at cultural institutions [Instituto Tomie Ohtake; Itaú Cultural Institute; CPF-SESCSP. He curates exhibitions in institutional galleries (Tomie Ohtake Institute; several units of SESC-SP; Caixa Cultural; National Museum of Visual Arts of Montevideo; Centro Cultural dos Correios; etc. 2012.Classroom lessons

Thursdays, from 14:00 to 17:00

03 monthly face-to-face meetings at Alê Espaço de Arte + 01 meeting at exhibitions (e.g. galleries, museums, Bienal – admission tickets separately) + Exhibition at the end of the year at Alê Espaço de Arte

Investment: BRL 400.00

We ask for a basic portfolio and if you don’t have one ready, it can also be a website, Instagram or something to get an idea of your work or project. The course is continuous, and you can attend a class without obligation.

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