Achamentos [Findings]

Achamentos [Findings]
August 14, 2023 zweiarts

Achamentos [Findings]

Thomaz Schetty (Totó)

Organization: Alexandra Ungern and Isabel Villalba

Opening: 19/08, from 2pm to 6pm
Exhibition period: 08/22 to 09/16/2023

For almost 50 years, on the terrace of his home-studio, with a glass of wine, jazz and some delicacies, Totó, a self-taught artist, concentrates, seeks and finds beauty in his found materials. The diversity of the objects he works with, some found in junkyards or dumpsters on the streets of São Paulo, fuel his creation process by producing unique works in a variety of media. The humorous titles he conceives are an essential complement to the completion and understanding of the final work. Both are inseparable.

Establishing a playful relationship with the spectator is of great interest to the artist. He introduces himself and questions the visitor as in a guessing game. The works displayed there resemble toys and games, some interactive, which have layers of seriousness and irony with the daily life that surrounds us. The presence of the artist and his games end up merging into an integral part of this set of objects, once devalued, but re-signified by Totó’s touch, look and heart.

Alê Espaço de Arte, always committed to supporting new projects and dedicated to the artist’s professional development, thanks the participation of our friend, partner and artist Totó, who has been accompanying the crossing of Espaço since its inception for more than ten years years.

finds, seduces, instigates, makes laugh. That simple…