Isolamento [Isolation]

Isolamento [Isolation]
August 19, 2021 zweiarts

Isolamento [Isolation]

Elton Hipolito, Juliana Maia, Leonardo Conceição, Luciana Mattioli, Nathalie Böhm, Renata Carra and Rodrigo Leão

Coletivo Isolado

Opening: 07/22
Exhibition period: from 07/23 to 08/10/2021

ISOLATIVE happens, does not show. Occupy, do not enter.
The collective was born endogamous, from the inside to the inside. Seven artists, seven different times at different times.
Closed doors has always been a subject for the collective, which began occupying a closed restaurant, without visits, without permanence. Pandemic, survivor, subversive.
In the ISOLAMENTO exhibition, artists hang their best works on the walls and close the gallery doors. They bar the entrance, send them away. During the period of occupation, the artists take turns making the impediment work. Inaccessible white cube, visit the barrier, visit the impediment.

The shadows of the pandemic alternate like the phases of an unpredictable moon.
We don’t touch each other anymore, we are without smell, without heat. Dimensionless.
Our inner monkeys expose their canines in an anxious grimace.
Reason is exhausted. Nothing but art.
Emergency art. Urgent art. Lifesaving art.

The ISOLAMENTO exhibition seeks to think about the limitations imposed on the individual in the name of the common good, in the name of a higher authority, in the name of the exercise of conscience. My will, your duty. Your will, my duty.
Throughout the exhibition period, the artists will take turns creating Isolation actions, creating a barrier between the exhibition and the viewer, a reflection on the art system in the current social landscape. An invitation to think about freedom, choices, limits.

Rodrigo, you can make the obvious less normal. The fake and the real are Siamese twins.
Elton, will bring the street into the room, or rather, the infinite cycle of the force of money that builds destroys beautiful things.
That same street walks too, Renata. She pays attention to the details that turn barriers into paths. And vice versa.
Juliana materializes the net, the weave, the screen, the screen. The truth of walls and skin, everything is woven.
If she could, Nathalie would make light something solid. Or almost.
Luciana melts up what was once solid. I breathe, therefore I am.
Leonardo, no one more human. Sculptor of emotions, ventriloquist on duty.

Here, art in the formal, solid sense. What each artist offers of himself.
The solitary exercise of production and reflection. Offered on the white walls of the public eye. There, art in the relational, intangible sense. Action. Unanswered question. The provocation and the plot. The artist as manipulator, performing on the gallery’s lighted stage. To the visitor, the intimate reading of the corners of the mirror. What am I looking at? Here or there?

Isolative Collective


Isolation Actions