Ecos Importunos [Nagging Echoes]

Ecos Importunos [Nagging Echoes]
May 19, 2023 zweiarts

Ecos Importunos [Nagging Echoes]

Venus Trap Collective

Opening: 04/29
Exhibition period: 04/29 to 05/27/2023

Site specific installation
Iron cell of 84 x 63 x 63 cm hoisted by cotton bands
white and steel cables in the center of the space, ironwork
attachment and coupled sound system

Ecos Importunos - Coletivo Armadilha de Vênus

Nagging Echoes – Venus Trap Collective

In the not so distant future
futuristic cosmonauts
You will find the clues
From Eve.

Fragments, remains, shards
buried and drowned
in wasteland

In each of your bones
will be recorded,
With civilization’s first spear,
The names of your immanence

And so we will have
The beginning
And the end of history
in one time

the visceral pain
that brought us to the world
It wasn’t able to spare us the horror
From a life of silence and devotion

Mothers and daughters
in charge
in the skeleton
and in the echoes
of the First Punishment

Luisa Lancelotti
for Trap of Venus