Romper da Carne [Break the Flesh]

Romper da Carne [Break the Flesh]
December 12, 2023 zweiarts

Romper da Carne [Break the Flesh]
Thatiana Cardoso

Curator: Carol Mikoszewski

Opening: November 18 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Exhibition period: 11/21 to 12/09/2023

Knife, fork, spoon, bowl, egg slicer, plunger, funnel, laundry basket, brush, sponge, strainer, juicer, grater, colander, grinder, this list of household utensils could continue to occupy many lines of this text and these could being part of contemporary daily life in an almost harmless way, fulfilling their roles as working instruments to “facilitate” domestic life.

When Thatiana Cardoso begins to notice the excess of these objects produced in pink in popular stores and starts, in addition to collecting such objects, to take a photographic look at them, the similarities between their volumes and surfaces with the human body become unmistakable. It is first in this field of image that the artist establishes a game in which the equivalence between body and object is manifested in her production.

By carrying out what we can call a kind of “semantic taxonomy” in reverse, its method of crossing attributes of the senses and material qualities, instead of acting for a description of the categories of objects, confuses them, displaces them, taking advantage of the fragmentation promoted by enlarging and approximating the image of a photographic nature to construct new figurations of this object that becomes a body.

In investigations into the illusory potential that different types of images and communications exert on women’s imagination, their drawings, photographs, installations, videos and performances make clear their character of symbolic violence.

And as Virginia Woolf tells us: it is much more difficult to kill a ghost than a reality. In her speech Profession for Women given in 1931, she tells us that in order to write, a task that at first required only paper and pen, she also needed to fight a battle with a certain ghost, The Angel of the House, who used to appear between her and the paper while she wrote. reviews. This Angel would be the model of a pure woman, who never had any ideas or desires of her own, which is why in order to write something authentic it would be necessary to kill the Angel of the House.

The research process and production of Thatiana Cardoso can be understood as this terrain where the clash with the Angel of the House takes place and becomes explicit and breaks the flesh of this ghost.

Text by Carol Mikoszewski