Um céu [A sky]

Um céu [A sky]
August 14, 2023 zweiarts

Um céu [A sky]

Christina Elias and César Meneghetti

Organization: Alexandra Ungern e Isabel Villalba

Opening: 19/08, from 2pm to 6pm
Exhibition period: 08/22 to 09/16/2023

The exhibition “Um Céu”, created for Alê Espaço de Arte, presents unpublished works by Christina Elias and Cesar Meneghetti, approaching themes between human relations and their importance in the construction of transindividual images and stories. There is a constant exchange between this duo of artists where speeches and thoughts are interspersed, without getting confused with the aesthetic autonomy of their productions.

Christina Elias is a visual artist and performer. Her work builds bridges between visual arts, dance and literature. The works presented by Elias in this exhibition refer, in their materiality and symbolism, to the feminine universe such as the act of knitting, an activity formerly attributed only to women. When performed with the artist’s own fingers, it comprises the use of her body, creating an intimate relationship with the material. The chair and the headboard of the bed are part of the installation “A room” that belonged to his ancestors, carrying a history and memory embedded in the objects. On the other hand, the dress and the stitched and reddish wefts discuss the origin of the individual, pleasure and pain.

In Cesar Meneghetti’s work “Um Cielo”, a triptych presented with a video, a notebook and three photographs, create a dialogue between a sky photographed many years ago and the current skies that witness human actions and their transit across the earth.
With cross-media work between visual arts and cinema, Meneghetti is internationally recognized and focuses on political-social, relational issues, memory, environment, migration, the concept of borders and language subversion.

The bodies of both artists in motion exhibit very close contraction and expansion actions in the video performance “Um Céu”. This movement of bodies is inherent to this production, which invites reflection on the inside and the outside, the relationship with the other, trust and affection. Actions in which gesture and thought merge and discuss the collective while crossing the viewer’s sensibility.

Christina and Cesar develop authorial and individual careers, however for 10 years the couple has been engaged in a dialogue of their diverse artistic abilities through collaborations called MIXAGE. The exhibition “Um Céu” is another development of this partnership.

Alê Espaço de Arte, always committed to experimentation and support for authorial projects in contemporary art, thanks the partnership, friendship and affection of the artists Christina Elias and Cesar Meneghetti who occupied the Space with these skies of possibilities!