Ecos Urbanos [URBAN ECOS]

Ecos Urbanos [URBAN ECOS]
July 19, 2022 zweiarts

Ecos Urbanos [URBAN ECOS]

Alex Orsetti, Amanda Pankill, André Filur, Bela Gregório, Ícaro Esteves, Leo Dellafuente, Lourenço di Gambá, Lu Gancho, Luiz 83 and Paulo O’meira

Curatorship: Alexandra Ungern e Isabel Villalba

Opening: 05/28
Exhibition period: 05/31 to 07/16/2022

We are very proud to present Ecos Urbanos [URBAN ECOS], a commemorative exhibition of Ateliê Alê with the participation of artists from Projeto Portão, which boosted Ateliê in its formation. Ten years ago, we started inviting artists to perform graffiti interventions on our steel roller gate that gave entrance to the space, then located in Santo Amaro. Artist after artist presented their art, initially always leaving a trace of the previous artist, a detail, a drawing, in this way the new work spoke with what was once there. The Portão Project also contaminated the internal walls of the Ateliê, where a work was developed by the same artist and so on. From then on, we never stopped being enchanted by these partnerships inside and outside the Ateliê, bringing art from the outside in and the inside out.

This enchantment does not only happen to us. We are witnesses to the curiosity and joy that the painting process provokes in people who pass by while the artists work. Graffiti as street art, ephemeral and dynamic, uses the architecture that the city offers as support: gates, walls, building gables. We understand it as a form of communication that, through drawings, letters, symbols and colors, gives vent to the artist’s concerns in relation to his urban environment.

The spray paint can, stencil, brush are instruments used to achieve plastic solutions that allow the aesthetic enjoyment of the city’s inhabitants. Thus, graffiti is an art that vibrates in the open air.

The artists, Alex Orsetti, Amanda Pankill, André Filur, Bela Gregório, Ícaro Esteves, Leo Dellafuente, Lourenço di Gambá, Lu Gancho, Luiz 83 and Paulo O’Meira; participants in this exhibition, have accompanied us these ten years developing their work in various languages: paintings, sculptures and drawings, expanding and enriching their repertoire.

The artistic circuit sought to conquer a space of creation, emotional and financial stability during two years of uncertainty, fear and anxiety in the midst of the crisis that devastated the world. So it’s a good time to celebrate the resistance of Ateliê Ale and partner artists.

In 2021, Ateliê Alê moved to the Brooklin neighborhood, but continues with the same proposal of embracing urban art, making room for other emerging art forms and curatorial projects. Likewise, we are committed to encouraging artistic possibilities and contributing to the cultural education of passers-by and the artists who circulate there.

Thank you to all the artists, curators, collaborators, partners and our team of wonderful women who personify the space with their multiple talents.

Alexandra Ungern e Isabel Villalba