Icaro Esteves

Ícaro Esteves

From graffiti to calligraphy, through illustration and lettering…

Always connected to art since elementary school at the Waldorf School, I have been delving into drawing techniques and urban calligraphy. Already in Technical High School I got to know advertising and I was enchanted with the creation and visual communication, thus graduating in Advertising and Marketing.

When working in the area of events and doing graffiti in my spare time, I started to apply calligraphy and lettering in some jobs…it didn’t take long for me to specialize in the chalk technique and soon the market demanded permanent art.

Creating and reproducing freehand art, I began to apply the studies to help clients communicate better in a modern and relaxed way. So far, the works are done alone, but bearing in mind that the help of professionals in the area will always add up.