Lu Gancho

Lu Gancho

Lu Gancho is, above all, a restless artist. Her work is constantly changing and her production is very diverse, having experimented with different supports and materials to develop her language: full of almost abstract traits and characters.

Graduated in architecture from the University of São Paulo, she lived in academic and peripheral environments – starting with graffiti – seeking to understand different places in the city through urban art.

Professionally, she works as a designer and illustrator, having developed in 2018 several prints for the Iódice Summer 2019 Collection – which bears the name given by the artist herself to her compositions – “O Conto da Maré | a tribute to Cordel”.

His appreciation for art and its various manifestations even earned him works with body paintings, small installations, illustrations for a tarot, among other manifestations. You can check out more of her work at