Memories Book Workshop with Danilo Cunha

Memories Book Workshop with Danilo Cunha
July 18, 2023 zweiarts

Memories Book Workshop with Danilo Cunha

The Memories Book Workshop with Danilo Cunha aims to teach participants how to create a handmade book with affective memories. The process begins with the selection of materials that the participants themselves select that have some affective value, such as photos, letters, envelopes, etc., these will be used for the composition of the book. Participants will brainstorm their composition using collage, pens, school chalk and other paints to create the structure of the book. Finally, handmade stitching will be used to finish.

Obs. Materials that will be used and Coffee Break are included in the price of the workshop. However, it is advisable for the participant to bring an apron and/or clothing suitable for working with paints.

Target Audience: No prior knowledge of the technique is required and it can be practiced by different age groups (Children from 8 years old to the elderly).

Workshop Objectives:

  • Book structure.
  • Work composition.
  • Search for different visual languages.
  • Enhancement of handmade binding.

Danilo Cunha is a Brazilian visual artist. He works with multiple languages, such as photography, drawing, collage, stencil, lick, graffiti, pixo, graphic interventions. He mixes the most varied techniques that he develops to obtain surprising results. He uses traditional and unusual materials, often reused, to compose his works.

More information at: @__danilocunha

On-site workshop
Date: 08/05/2023
Hours: 1pm to 6pm
Duration: 01 meeting
Location: Rua California, 706 – Brooklin, São Paulo, SP – 04566-061
Number of vacancies: 10 Vacancies.
Investment: BRL 200.00