Mobile Photography Workshop with André Oliveira

Mobile Photography Workshop with André Oliveira
August 21, 2022 zweiarts

Mobile Photography Workshop with André Oliveira

The inclusion of cameras in cell phones was one of the fundamental factors for the act of producing images to become increasingly routine. The constant modernization of devices and their integration with digital media, enabled the emergence of basic conditions for photography to be a fundamental communication tool and of great influence in the way we relate to the world and people.

Having some of these questions as guiding elements, the course aims to present some possibilities to be explored from the technical resources offered by cell phone cameras, as well as accessories that can help the photographer to maximize the use of photographic capture, elements of composition and photographic aesthetics, in addition to the use of some features of a well-known post-production software, which can be operated directly from the cell phone itself, dispensing with the use of computers.

André de Oliveira, Sao Paulo, 1991.
Photographer and Photography Teacher. He has been working in the area for 11 years, passing through Photojournalism, and then dedicating himself exclusively to teaching Photography.
Since the beginning of his career, he has developed street photography work, which since 2014 has been fully developed using the cell phone camera.
He worked for 9 years at the Fullframe Escola de Fotografia, in addition to teaching courses aimed at visual education through photography in various cultural spaces such as SESC and MAM.
He was a student of photographer Carlos Moreira.
He currently works as a Professor and Freelance Photographer.

09/29 open class online at 7 pm
On-site classes 10/08, 15, 22 and 29
2:30 pm to 5:30 pm – Saturdays
Investment: BRL 300.00
California Street, 706 – Brooklin – SP

Information and registration [email protected]
California Street, 706 – Brooklin – SP