Onsite Workshop | Washi-ê with Luiza Okubo

Onsite Workshop | Washi-ê with Luiza Okubo
October 27, 2021 zweiarts

Onsite Workshop | Washi-ê with Luiza Okubo

Washi-ê is the Japanese art that uses washi paper – handcrafted using fibers from the “kozo” plant – to create abstract compositions or decorative objects, such as lanterns, sliding doors, fans, lamps, among others.

Washi is a paper made by hand using the fibers of the “kozo” plant (broussonetia kajinoki). The washi preparation process guarantees its resistance to the action of time, in addition to providing natural beauty, transmitting sensations of lightness, softness and freshness. Washi can be dyed, cut, folded, curved and twisted, making it possible to create works from the figurative to the abstract. In the Washi-ê technique, these colored papers, with different textures and nuances, are torn, shredded, superimposed, juxtaposed and glued together. The Washi-ê technique requires concentration, fine motor skills, attention, discipline and creativity to achieve the desired artistic result.

Luiza Okubo: Graduated in Pedagogy from Universidade Mackenzie and Artistic Education from Faculdade de Belas Artes de SP. In 1998, she started studying Washi-ê with teacher Shinsay Yoneya and in 1991 she did an internship in Japan to improve her technique. From 1995 she began to administer Washi-ê classes at Aliança Cultural BrasilJapan.

Washi-ê Workshop With Luiza Okubo
Duration: 1h 30m
Saturday 11/27 – Group 1 – from 2 pm to 3:30 pm | Group 2 – from 4 pm to 5:30 pm
Investment: R$100.00 with material included (non-toxic)

Information [email protected]
California Street, 706 – Brooklin – SP