Stencil Art Workshop

Stencil Art Workshop
February 10, 2018 zweiarts

Stencil Art Workshop

with Rodrigo Motta

Stencil Art Workshop
Educator/Artist: Rodrigo Motta
Date: 03 | 10 | 2017
Hours: from 2 pm to 6 pm
Investment: BRL 65.00 with material included

Ateliê Alê invites you to a Stencil Art workshop given by educator and artist Rodrigo Motta.

Topics covered will be: emergence and history of reproduction technique, street art and reference artists.

After the theoretical part, participants will do practical exercises, familiarizing themselves with the materials, composition and creative process, making the molds and finally applying them on paper.

The workshop will last 4 hours.

The material used in the workshop is included in the registration fee and will be provided by the artist: stilettos, 280g kraft paper, colored paper, spray paints, fasteners, gloves and masks, pencils, pens and erasers.


Rodrigo Motta is an educator, visual artist and editor of alternative publications. Graduated in artistic education, he teaches in public and private institutions. He was a finalist for the 2015 Miolo(s) award in the Comic Book and Graphic Design categories. He has participated in group exhibitions since 2004. His works with Stencil have already been shown at print art fairs, galleries and in interventions on the streets of São Paulo and Paris.