Wood project workshop with Olavo Tenório

Wood project workshop with Olavo Tenório
March 26, 2022 zweiarts

Wood project workshop with Olavo Tenório

Dates: 04/30 and 05/07 (Saturdays) Time: 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Type: On-site
Investment: BRL 325.00 material included

This workshop is aimed at aspiring artists looking to expand their repertoire. In it you will learn basic notions in the use of tools and techniques to work with wood, wires and metal strips. In the second moment we will have a creative challenge, with individual accompaniment in its elaboration, which could be a sculpture, a mobile or a decorative piece.

“I was born in the interior of Paraná in the city of Goioerê, which in the Kaingang indigenous language means clear water or clean water.

I graduated from the School of Music and Fine Arts in Curitiba and currently live and work in São Paulo.

I made a career as an editorial illustrator for books, magazines and newspapers in São Paulo, I also partnered with architects creating lighting design as well as art exhibitions inside and outside Brazil.

In recent years I have been creating sculptures, mobiles and toys, exploring the potential of the fittings and movements that arise with their handling and interaction.

The place of the «toy» is also there as a foundation that arises from the inherent unpretentiousness of the inner child of the adult.

In the construction of recent works, wood occupies a central position through a process that occurs in two antagonistic moments:

First, because of the project, which is technical and involves measurements, calculations and standards, functioning as a secure base for the second moment to occur, the opening to the field of possibilities of the universe, where the game begins through playing, mistakes, fittings. and surprises”.

Olavo Tenorio