Writing in Visual Arts with Shannon Botelho

Writing in Visual Arts with Shannon Botelho
February 15, 2022 zweiarts

Writing in Visual Arts with Shannon Botelho

Dates: Tuesdays: 03/15, 03/29, 04/12, 04/26, 05/10 and 05/24
Time: 18:30 to 21:00
Type: Online through the ZOOM platform Duration: 3 months
Investment: BRL 200.00 per month

This follow-up and research space is intended for artists, cultural professionals, researchers, critics and other interested parties who wish to develop their writing skills, as a way of thinking or as poetics.

At the meetings, the writing models and methods employed by critics, artists and other researchers will be addressed, as well as the handling and use of words by artists in their productions. Through conversations, readings and practical exercises, means of describing work will be approached, improving forms of description and narratives, construction of justifications about research (individual and collective), production of texts for public notices and portfolios or even the production of texts as an expressive means.

Promote studies and experiences of writing in art, as an authorial mode of artistic or critical production.

The structure of the meetings is theoretical-practical. At each meeting, a dialogue will be established, originating from the group’s experiences. At first, the historical links between text and image, art and criticism, text as art will be addressed. Secondly, based on previously chosen contexts, exercises of description, synthesis and textual construction will be carried out, as well as analysis and construction of texts, projects and the like.

Program Steps

  • Art Histories and Writing: interlocutions of thinking and writing
  • Thinking about thinking: art criticism and artist text
  • Artist texts: models, means and destinations
  • Structures and textual models in Art: Portfolio
  • Structures and textual models in Art: Projects
  • Textual Structures and Models in Art: Public Notices

Shannon Botelho is an art critic, independent curator and professor at the Visual Arts Department at Colégio Pedro II (RJ). He is a doctoral student in History and Art Criticism at the Graduate Program in Visual Arts at the School of Fine Arts / UFRJ in partnership with the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales / CRBC (Paris). He has curated the following exhibitions: A sós (2015); Possible Abstract, Real Concrete (2017); Balangandãs (2018); Grain of Sand Landscape (2018); What You Keep So Closely Guarded (2019); From the Line, the Thread (2019), Imitative Impulses (2019), Improbable Structures (2020) and Illusions (2021).