Tiago Marchitiello

Tiago Marchitiello
June 6, 2017 zweiarts

Tiago Marchitiello

During my residency, I had the opportunity to share ideas, and it’s amazing how ideas organize themselves when we discuss them out loud.

My work is a synthesis of a particular world and during these three months, I had glimpses of these thoughts, which ended up becoming a series of paintings.

Working on blackness and penumbra, the senses change, the mind no longer focuses on small details or on the aesthetic sense, the integration of being and activity becomes deliberate and focused. There is no right and wrong, there is delivery.

The moment I turn on the lights, I have the feeling that the work is not mine, but I see the conditioned handling of my hands on its surface. Therefore, this work belongs to me, and my thoughts are present in it even if without control.

We are not free not to be free, just as life and work gain meaning with the observer.

As Sartre would say.

“If life does not have a determined meaning from the outset, we cannot avoid creating a meaning for life.’

Tiago Marchitiello, June 2017