Travessias Assimétricas: escrita e movimento [Asymmetric crossings: writing and movement]

Travessias Assimétricas: escrita e movimento [Asymmetric crossings: writing and movement]
April 14, 2018 zweiarts

Travessias Assimétricas: escrita e movimento
[Asymmetric crossings: writing and movement]

Angela Quinto | Cristina Elias | Debora Daich

Isabel Villalba

April 14, 2018

Exhibition period
16|04 to 04|05

How to cross together the asymmetries of a journey whose course is uncertain?

Angela Quinto, Cristina Elias and Débora Daich undertake this crossing when discussing in their works a tension/torsion in language through visual, experimental and sound poetry, spontaneous, enigmatic, illegible writing and research on memory.

Writing as matter is placed at the center of each of the researches by constructing, deconstructing, expanding, reducing, displaying and hiding signs and movements in an infinite journey.

The writing dances between installations, screens, videos, papers, objects, performances, slipping between signs, building an impossible amalgam during the course of this exhibition.

Angela Quinto rescues and transforms family objects from the question about the myth of ancestral origin that in the development of her poetic inquiry is transposed and explored in the most diverse supports.

Her parents’ letters at the time of her engagement were preserved until they were rediscovered and deconstructed. Angela intervenes in the writing that precedes her, expanding and reducing the spelling until it becomes asemic and prints it on fabric, paper or even felting her own hair.

Writing and body, as an expanded whole, come to tell a story. But what story?

Cristina Elias presents, among other works, a video where she poses as a writing subject of an intimate, mysterious and spontaneous writing, as the artist comments “flow of unconsciousness”. Performance as a starting point to arrive at a writing in motion.
The writing is revealed and erased again and again by the gesture of the artist who draws a circle with charcoal using her body as an instrument. This repetitive action is part of a sensitive and routine time of the female being.

The movement continues, pulsating.
The writing continues, inexhaustible.
What is this elusive and insistent writing?
What is this voice that appears and disappears?

Débora Daich, in her first exhibition in São Paulo, immerses herself in a journey through language by activating the space with kinetic writings that, when repeated incessantly, draw webs and voids. The word-signs are captured and released )) between parentheses((, in almost imperceptible displacements. The spaces between the signs create different shades of gray, which in the slightest variations of speed build images and frequencies that are linked by the effect of repetition.
The artist presents a modular installation with video, sound poems, plot papers and technological devices that invite you to actively participate in the work: the(SIA) forum.

Isabel Villalba, curator